The Training Camp For Life Manuscript is divided into five distinct parts: 

1. Part I: The lack of training available for young athletes in all aspects of sports and life.                    

Many young athletes suffer significant let down in their pursuit of professional sports. Much of the pain is the direct result of never being equipped with the proper tools and principles that provide balance and substance in life. Training Camp For Life is the manuscript for all young athletes, coaches and parents that will provide them with the ability to alleviate this pain. To do so, Steve Sanders addresses topics such as a winner’s attitude, how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals and what it truly means to go pro in sports.

2. Part II: Useful materials for athletes to use as they pursue goals in and outside of sports.

Training Camp For Life provides athletes with the TCFL Goal Setting Action Plan. This plan is the first of its kind specifically for athletes. If young athletes are to experience success in life, they must first acquire the habit of setting goals. Steve Sanders understands that just setting a goal isn’t enough. There must be action steps to follow and milestones to achieve along the road to a goal. The Training Camp For Life book provides a sample of one of Steve Sanders personal TCFL Goal Setting Action Plans. In addition, the book provides each reader with a action plan and several additional copies of the plan in the back of the book.

​3. Part III: 5 Things Athletes Need To Know About Achieving Success.

​ 1. Success is a choice
2. Success is a process, not an end result
3. Success is not by accident, it’s planned

4. Success = Sacrifice
5. Success is individual
Each of these are broken down in detail and explained on a level every athlete can relate to in the book.

4. Part IV: 3 Things That Produce Champions In Sports and In Life

1. Work Ethic
2. Surround Yourself with a All-Star Roster of Support
​ 3. The 3 D's - Determination, Dedication, Discipline  

​Again, each of these are broken down in detail and explained on a level every athlete can relate to and apply to all areas of their life.

5. Part V: It All Comes Down To Character

​A great deal of what Training Camp For Life teaches young athletes is Character Development.




Statistics show less than 1% of athletes make it to the professional stage in their sport of choice (yahoo sports), yet millions of young athletes have dreams and aspirations of living out their dream to make it to the big stage. Due to this fact, Training Camp For Life’s target audience is young athletes pursuing college scholarships and have dreams of going pro in a sport. Training Camp For Life understands that each athlete may not go professional in a sport but they all will potentially become husbands, fathers, community leaders and role models. 

​According to the Georgia Career Information Center at Georgia State University, in a 2011 published articled “High School to Pro – How Many Will Go?

· 59% of high school football and basketball players believe they will get a college scholarship.
· 98 out of 100 high school athletes never play collegiate sports of any kind at any level.
​· Less than 1 out of every 100 high school athletes receive a scholarship of any kind to a Division I school.
· Nationally, out of every 100 9th graders, 68 will graduate from high school, 40 will enter college directly, 27 are still enrolled in college in their second year, and
​ 18 will graduate from college. These numbers include all students entered in college. - US Dept. of Education
· Only 1 of 16,000 high school athletes attain a professional playing career in sports. 

Demographic Description - The audience of this book will consist of:
​ ·High School, College and Professional male athletes of all sports (ages 13 – 25 years old)
· Coaches and Teachers that work with this particular age group
· Parents of this particular age group
· Athletes ages 25 - 35 years old transitioning to a career outside of playing sports  

Psychographics Description:
​Lets face it, the immediate target audience of young male athletes ages 13 – 25 years old are not buying books off the shelf for leisure reading. Statistically, they purchase books for school, sports magazines or read articles online. Training Camp For Life understands the presiding information, therefore, the purchasing audience of this book is made up of parents who want their young athlete to obtain a college degree, parents that are frustrated with their son(s) that put sports above academics and parents that want to become knowledgeable on the issues their son(s) are dealing with. In addition, our purchasing audience expands to coaches seeking to get their players a full athletic scholarship, college coaches that want to keep their players focused on the importance of graduating with a college degree and helping them live out their dreams of going to the pros.

TCFL Manuscript


Training Camp For Life is a model developed by former NFL Player and Professional Life Coach Steve Sanders to train young athletes in all aspects of sports and life. This model was birthed from his experience and expertise of being a professional athlete. Training Camp For Life is the model program for all athletes. Whether they play football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer or tennis,Training Camp For Life serves as a rubric for all athletes around the world. TCFL is more than just a book and model, it is a manuscript. TCFL will produce books, workbooks, coaching seminars, sports camps, scholarships and much more. It is Sanders’ vision that TCFL will be The Athlete's Manuscript for millions of young male athletes across the world. 

​The title of the book is Training Camp For Life: Developing Champions In Sports and In Life. TCFL for short, is a 3 part series book that focuses on meeting each athlete at the level they are at.  The initial plan was to write one book on a multitude of topics. After careful thought Sanders realized that 300+ pages in one book wouldn’t be very appealing to young athletes. The decision was made to take the book and split it into a 3 part series. Each book has roughly 75-100 pages in length with about 8-10 chapters per book. This allows the reader to grasp the concepts TCFL teaches and not feel overwhelmed with information. We all know that it becomes very difficult to apply what you are learning when you are overwhelmed. The overall mission of for TCFL is to get athletes to emphasis application. It’s one thing to know something, but it is a completely different ball game when it comes to applying what you know. The simple terminologies and commonly used vocabulary in this book are strategic. TCFL is written on a level that most young athletes can relate to and comprehend.  

Training Camp For Life