We need your support to produce 10,000 books for our initiative to restore the love for reading for male students ages 10-18 years old.


About Training Camp For Life:

Training Camp For Life (TCFL) was founded in 2013 by former NFL Player Steve Sanders. Deciding to willingly walk away from his dream of playing professional football, Sanders wanted to pursue his passion and purpose to inspire, impact and influence young men from similar sociological and economical backgrounds. 

About The Book:

In 2014 Sanders published the first book of his three part series "Training Camp For Life". The book focuses teaching principals of goal-setting, defining and achieving success and pursuing purpose in life. 

Why "100 For 100"?:

Most people are aware of Sanders professional football career and his new career as an author and inspirational speaker. But they are unaware that he was reading at a fourth grade level as a junior in college. He developed his love and passion for reading because of a mentor and now he is paying it forward with 100 For 100!

Simply put, we want to develop and restore the love for reading in the younger generation. 

Our goals are basic. We aim to raise a total of $200,000.00 so that we can produce 10,000 books to get them in the hands of young men across the country. 

We plan to do this by partnering with other nonprofit organizations, churches and schools to start 100 book clubs each with 100 male students ages 10-18 years. 

Each student will receive a free book to participate in the reading group. Training Camp For Life will identify a mentor leader to oversee each book club. In addition to the books, TCFL will provide each reading club mentor leader with a curriculum and prerecorded videos to introduce each weekly discussion. 

With your support, Steve Sanders and Training Camp For Life will inspire, impact and influence thousands of young men to pursue their passion and set goals to reach for success in their lives. 

Thank you, 

Training Camp For Life Team 

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